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Who we are?

Among the glories of Indian culture, Vedic heritage occupies a central place. The eternal truths and laws of the spiritual world regarding man’s true nature, the nature of the ultimate reality, everlasting freedom and peace were discovered by the ancient Indian sages, and are enshrined in the Vedas. The Vedas …

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What we do?

Inspiration: Swami Vivekananda, the foremost disciple of Sri Ramakrishna and a prophet of modern age, throughout his life, took special interest in propagating the message of the Upanishads. He prophesied on the day he passed away, that a Veda Vidyalaya would come up within Belur Math premises. Establishment and the …

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How we do?

Admission: The students are drawn from the poor section of the society. Some of them are first generation students. They get admitted to class XI. Courses of Studies: The Samhita and Upanishad portion of the Vedas in particular, contain a number of mantras which are sublime, and bear profound significance. …