Admission Notice – 2020

Admission Open for Academic Year 2020-21


Admission Notice (Bengali Version – PNG format)

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Male candidates who have secured minimum 55% marks in aggregate at Secondary (10th) or equivalent exam in 2020 may apply.
Students who didn’t have Sanskrit in earlier classes may also apply.


ছাত্রকে(Male only) ২০২০ সালে দশম শ্রেণিতে কমপক্ষে সার্বিক (aggregate) ৫৫% নম্বর পেয়ে উত্তীর্ণ হতে হবে। পূর্ব পূর্ব শ্রেণিতে পাঠ্য বিষয়ে সংস্কৃত না থাকলেও আবেদন করা যাবে।

Admission Process

Selection will be made largely based on the results in the final exams of Classes X.

Number of seats: around 15

নির্বাচিত ছাত্রেরা ছাত্রাবাসে আসার সময়ে যেসব প্রয়োজনীয় দ্রব্যাদি এবং নথিপত্র নিযে আসবে তার তালিকা নীচের লিংকে দেওয়া আছ।

List of things to bring by the selected students


Please apply online.
No need to apply offline. While applying no fees/money is to be be paid towards selection process.
Last date for submitting application forms – 15th August, 2020

আবেদন প্রক্রিয়া

১) আবেদন করার শেষ তারিখ – ১৫ই আগস্ট, ২০২০
২) অন্ লাইন – এই ওয়েবসাইট থেকে পাঠানো যাবে।

Scholarship & Hostel

Veda Vidyalaya is residential school. Fees and charges are absolutely nil. All the expenses for food, clothing, boarding and educational, etc of the students are borne by Veda Vidyalaya.

Moreover, the needy and good students are supported financially till they complete their BA and MA in Sanskrit after successfully passing from Veda Vidyalaya.

After completing 12th Std at Veda Vidyalaya the students are eligible for admission to any college in India provided the courses of his choice are available. There are two separate institutes (1) Vivekananda University and (2) Vidyamandira in Belur Math itself for higher studies. They provide the courses in Sanskrit right from BA to Ph D. Both the institutes have hostel facilities as well.

আর্থিক অনুদান

১) একাদশ এবং দ্বাদশ শ্রেণিতে বিনা ব্যয়ে পড়াশোনা ও থাকা-খাওয়ার ব্যবস্থা বেদ বিদ্যালয় করে।
২) বিদ্যালয়ে অধ্যয়ন সমাপ্তির পর অন্যত্র সংস্কৃতে উচ্চ শিক্ষার জন্যও যোগ্য ছাত্রদের জন্য বেদ বিদ্যালয় থেকে অর্থসাহায্য করা হয়।


Salient features

Veda Vidyalaya provides courses at just Higher Secondary (11 and 12 Std) level. Hence, applications are invited from the student for admission to the 11th class.

Courses of National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) such as English, Computer (DEO), Sanskrit etc are offered to the students.

Main stress of Veda Vidyalaya is on Sanskrit studies. Hence, the students who are interested in making career in Sanskrit are expected to apply. Those who won’t study Sanskrit at college level need not apply.

We thoroughly train the students starting from scratch in writing Devanagari script, writing answers in Sanskrit and conversing in Sanskrit. Hence, if someone doesn’t know Sanskrit at all, need not worry. In fact, hardly anybody comes with proper Sanskrit background.

Due to the methodology of teaching-learning and curriculum adopted at Veda Vidyalaya our students find it extremely easy to study B A to Ph D courses in Sanskrit.

পাঠ্যক্রমের বৈশিষ্ট্য

১) দিল্লীর রাষ্ট্রিয় মুক্ত বিদ্যালয়ী শিক্ষা সংস্থান (NIOS)এর ইংরাজি, কম্পিউটার ইত্যাদি আধুনিক বিষয় থাকলেও সংস্কৃত বিশেষ-ভাবে পড়ানো হয়।
২) নুতন ছাত্রদের সংস্কৃতে কথোপকথন, লেখন ও সংস্কৃত বিষয়ে পরিচিত করার জন্য বিশেষ প্রশিক্ষণ দেওয়া হয়।
৩) বেদ বিদ্যালয়ের ছাত্র ভবিষ্যতে অন্যত্র বিভিন্ন মহাবিদ্যালয়ে ভর্তি হতে পারে এবং অনায়াসে সংস্কৃত(অনার্স) পড়তে পারে।
৪) BA, MA, M Phil এবং Ph D পর্যন্ত পড়ার ব্যবস্থা বেলুড়েই বিবেকানন্দ বিশ্ববিদ্যালয় এবং বিদ্যামন্দির নামক দুটি প্রতিষ্ঠানে আছে।

Research and Placement

Most of our students get jobs at various colleges in West Bengal through College Service Commission (CSC), Public Service Commission (PSC) etc.

UGC conducts NET exam twice a year. A student must qualify NET for getting the job at college level. While passing NET if a student gets certain higher percentage of marks he is awarded Junior Research Fellowship (JRF). If a student has JRF he gets around Rs.33,000/- per month for five year for doing research like M Phil and Ph D. While doing M Phil or Ph D he may keep trying to get job whenever opportunity presents.

From 2001 to June 2017, in all 105 students have pass out from Veda Vidyalaya. Out of them, 61 are doing higher studies, 28 are employed as Asst Professors in various colleges, 7 are employed as Asst Professors in various Universities, 1 is working as Govt PTT, 2 are working as school teachers.

Our students don’t seek direct employment immediately after Veda Vidyalaya for the reason that they think that if they complete the MA along with UGC-NET, they are sure to get Assist. Professors job, as that is the reality.

Scope of Employment in Sanskrit

Just an example is sufficient to show the scope of jobs in Sanskrit.

Example – In the years 2016 the college service commission (CSC) has filled up around 250 vacancies of Asst.Professors at college level  just for Sanskrit.

All over India, at the higher education level – there are around 17 Sanskrit Universities, 10 Sanskrit Academies and 15 Oriental Research Institutes.

120 regular universities have Sanskrit Depts and most of the colleges under them have Sanskrit Depts as well. 8 states have special Sanskrit Boards parallel to regular State Education Boards.

The job opportunities at school level are difficult sum up due to their enormity. Central Boards like CBSE, ICSE, Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan etc have Sanskrit subject at various levels.

In some reputed universities out of India, there are either Indology Depts, Sanskrit Depts, Dept of Oriental Studies or Dept of Asian Studies where there are quite a few Sanskrit jobs which may be explored as well.

The major but generally ignored and unexplored area of employment by Sanskrit students is UPSC-IAS, WBCS, SSC (Staff selection commission), Railway Recruitment Board, SSB (Service Selection Board – of Army), similar boards of Navy, Air Force and some such military and para-military units. If a student prepares for all these exams at proper time and with proper guidance, getting these jobs will become possible. Every year around 1000 post of IAS/IPS etc services are filled up through UPSC Civil Service Exams (CSE).

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